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Data Guardian

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Organisations often struggle with data quality and monitoring their data for key risk and compliance indicators. In most cases, this process is conducted manually via complex reporting processes which often requires significant input and time from their own staff.

Data Guardian by CSLI helps address these concerns by putting the power and control of your data back into the hands of the business. The technology is a monthly subscription service which automatically monitors and provides insight into your data to ensure conformance with Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk based requirements.

Data Guardian is an easy to deploy data governance solution providing the following capabilities:

Governance, Compliance and Risk Monitoring

Data Guardian provides a central and easy to use, responsive, web-based application that manages, tracks and reports business exceptions, metrics, and thresholds. The solution minimizes the burden of manual exception reporting, enforces data governance and ownership and promotes self-service resolution. Data Guardian is employed to build comprehensive data quality management programs, compliance testing, and risk monitoring.

Multiple Data Sources

Multiple applications and instances with a range of data sources are monitored simultaneously by Data Guardian. Data issues across all applications are viewed and managed from a single interface. Data Guardian runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or above.

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