AEOI Country Matrix Maintenance

Jun 28, 2019

AEOI Country Matrix Maintenance

The Cayman Tax Authority posts a weekly update to their website. The update includes a review of CRS Reportable Jurisdictions and confirms whether the list of countries has changed recently. Each AEOI participating jurisdiction has a listing of countries in ViewPoint in the AEOI Country Matrix. This matrix is used for the preparation of CRS submissions and therefore ought to be reviewed periodically.

Whilst the list of participating jurisdictions has not changed since the Extraordinary Gazette No.2 of  5th January 2018, updates from the Cayman DITC can be found on tia.gov.ky or http://www.tia.gov.ky/pdf/AEOI_News_&_Updates.pdf.

If you need assistance with updating your ViewPoint AEOI matrix, please do get in touch with us.

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