Automated Data Quality Management

A data governance solution that is simple, effective and affordable.

Data Guardian streamlines data quality monitoring and compliance reporting by automating complex processes, saving valuable time for organizations.

What is Data Guardian?

Data Guardian by CSLI is a monthly subscription technology service which automatically monitors and provides insight into your data to ensure conformance with Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk based requirements.

The service provides a central, easy to use and responsive web based application where business exceptions, metrics and thresholds can be managed, deployed, tracked and reported on. This minimises the burden of manual exception reporting, enforces data quality ownership and promotes self-service resolution and reporting.

Getting started

How does it work?


Data Guardian connects to any structured data and enables you to design and execute rules that identify specific conditions. These rules will generate results that trigger appropriate actions for the designated data owner or team.

Once you connect Data Guardian to your data and define the rules, Data Guardian takes care of the rest. A data governance solution that combines people, process and technology.


Data Guardian streamlines data governance by combining people, process, and technology to automate the monitoring and analysis of your data. Simply connect Data Guardian to your data and set your rules, and let the technology handle the rest.

Data Guardian Functional Flow

How do we implement Data Guardian?

The implementation of Data Guardian follows 6 easy steps that help you achieve rapid results without significant overhead to your management and workforce. 

Our years of experience have taught us that the key to a successful implementation is to start with a small footprint and set out a sustainable workload so as to minimise impact to management and the users.

After your first rule is created, you can rest at ease knowing that Data Guardian will continue to watch over your data so long as it is in place.

Once familiar with the system and interface, you can start to expand the rule base and complexity at your own pace. Data Guardian will continue to action and assign issues back to the data stewards you have identified as being responsible for the data.

Bottom line, you get results immediately with little effort, and once the system is up and running, it does the hard work for you.


Installation and configuration of the system. Obtain input on data and rules to be monitored


Create and run rules to understand results obtained. Obtain guidance to decide what data needs to be remediated in advance and what data issues to leave for users
to fix.


Remediate any data in advance.


Deploy Data Guardian to users to begin running agreed rules.


Control the management of exceptions, notifications and metrics through the dashboard while Data Guardian works on your behalf.

Learn and Adapt

Refine the rules, add new rules and continue to improve the overall the process.

Data Guardian Benefits


Always watching your data to detect and take action on exceptions, compliance and risk.


Business-wide measurement of data quality, compliance and risk across your data systems.


Monitors and guards data to ensure compliance with operational, statutory and regulatory requirements.


Continuously assesses risk, based on a known set of data elements.


Make actionable decisions based on accurate data, rather than collating, processing and exception checking data beforehand.


Make better, faster decisions with more certainty & reducing costly errors.

Improve confidence through continuous monitoring and back testing.
Detect, assign and track data quality issues, governance, compliance issues 
and risks.