Frequently Asked Questions

What is ViewPoint Software for Business used for?

ViewPoint is used in every aspect of the administration and management of entities including companies, trusts, partnerships, foundations and funds.

Who uses ViewPoint Software for Business?

ViewPoint is used by private corporate and trust administrators, fund administrators, captive insurance, law firms, private equity clients, private banks, and family offices.

What is Entity Management Software?

Entity Management Software enables you to centralize, streamline and automate the management and maintenance of an entity’s corporate, compliance, billing and accounting records through a single application interface.

Where can I get ViewPoint training?

Vantage provides two options for training on ViewPoint. Through our standardised, self-paced learning platform called Learn ViewPoint or through classic instructor-led, classroom based training sessions.

Can I do a course in ViewPoint?

Yes, through our Learn ViewPoint platform which was launched in 2019. You can obtain a certificate of completion in any of our Fundamentals courses for ViewPoint. You can also take any of our specialty courses that are periodically released.

Is ViewPoint available in my country?

ViewPoint Entity Management Software is used in more than 45 jurisdictions and is used by more than 10,000 users in over 500 organisations. Contact us at Vantage if you’d like some more details about how it is used in your country.

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