Mugundan – New member of the Vantage Team

Nov 21, 2022

We’d like to welcome Mugundan (“MG”) to the Vantage Team.

Mugundan has spent the past 8 years working with Viewpoint, prior to joining Vantage he worked for a firm providing business outsourcing services for global clients where he was employed as a project manager and provided project support and consulting services to companies in the offshore financial services sector.

He had overseen and delivered several projects that were centered on viewpoint data remediation and perfect Masterfile creation. Mugundan had also assisted clients with the creation of process maps and manuals for their data remediation projects and the business-as usual process for Viewpoint updates. In addition, he tailored the Perfect Masterfile for clients based on their organizational and regulatory requirements.

We’re extremely pleased to have MG join the Vantage team.

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